Research about tech writers

Last year, I was invited by Weber State University to participate in some research about technical writers operating in New Zealand and Australia. I also helped to advertise the research through TechCommNZ and LinkedIn to increase the pool of participants. Fast forward a year or so and the research is published. It was an honourContinue reading “Research about tech writers”

*Wipes sweat off brow…

I just submitted five PRs to the Redocly project using GitHub Desktop. Got my forks, clones, branches, commits and PRs sorted out. Five PRs successfully submitted and awaiting review! Couldn’t have got this far without the help of Swapnil and Ivana (Redocly) and Ralf (docToolchain) for their grace, patience and willingness to teach me theseContinue reading “*Wipes sweat off brow…”

Reaching out, giving back

Back in October, I put a call out on Linkedin for an opportunity to gain more experience in the API/dev docs space. Despite lots of views and a few comments, nothing materialised. “Give a rookie a chance!” was the subtext. And today, someone has given this rookie a chance. Enter Swapnil Ogale from Redocly. SwapnilContinue reading “Reaching out, giving back”

apidays Women in APIs Online Meet Up

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the quarterly online meet up of the apidays Women in APIs group. About a dozen women who work with, in and around APIs attended (there were two sessions available, depending on your time zone). Attendees came from all over the world, from Finland to Spain, from FranceContinue reading “apidays Women in APIs Online Meet Up”

Learning API docs by stealth

A few weeks back, I joined Upwork which is a platform for freelancers looking for remote work. The amount of work available is staggering. Although there are many individuals asking for a tech writer to “help make my docs pretty” or proofread their dissertations, there are plenty of actual organisations from all around the worldContinue reading “Learning API docs by stealth”