Reaching out, giving back

Back in October, I put a call out on Linkedin for an opportunity to gain more experience in the API/dev docs space. Despite lots of views and a few comments, nothing materialised.

“Give a rookie a chance!” was the subtext. And today, someone has given this rookie a chance.

Enter Swapnil Ogale from Redocly. Swapnil is active in Write the Docs in Australia and India. His organisation needs someone to finish documenting their open source tool Redoc, and bonus: that person gets to learn a docs-as-code tool along the way. I start as a freelancer, five hours a week in mid-January.

And speaking of Write the Docs, I happened upon a message thread a couple of weeks ago that caught my eye. Ralf who is based in Germany, was seeking a tech writer to help him improve the docs for his docToolchain platform. I responded to his call, and now we are transforming his docs and overall site taxonomy.

As I sit here in Auckland on this warm, humid rainy Summer evening, I feel so grateful for these opportunities to work with interesting people on interesting projects.

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