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Nextory API Project

Audio book and e-book streaming service based in Sweden

<Another API Docs Project>

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Musings on technical writing.

Why APIs?

They run the web

REST APIs are what makes the web, well… the web. I love that they can be utilised in so many ways. I want to document all the ways.

They’ve got personality

No two REST APIs are exactly the same. They’ve got different things to offer. But they all still need to be documented in a way that makes them quick to implement.

They need love & care

In order to shine bright, and be picked up by organisations, APIs need a champion. A champion who happens to be nimble with tech and words.

About Me

Hi, I’m Jody. I’m a tertiary-qualified technical writer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I have almost 20 years of experience. I have spent my career wrangling operational and end-user publications. I’m on a journey to move into documenting REST APIs.

I like to say I’m an API fan-girl.


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