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Audio book and e-book streaming service based in Sweden

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Musings on technical writing.

Why APIs?

They run the web

REST APIs are what makes the web, well… the web. I love that they can be utilised in so many ways. I want to document all the ways.

They’ve got personality

No two REST APIs are the same. They’ve got different things to offer. But they all need to be documented in a way that makes them quick to consume.

They need love & care

In order to shine bright, and be picked up by organisations, APIs need a champion. A champion who happens to be handy with tech and words.

About Me

Hi, I’m Jody. I’m a tertiary-qualified technical writer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I have almost 20 years of experience. I have spent my career wrangling operational and end-user publications. I’m on a journey to move into documenting REST APIs.

I like to say I’m an API fan-girl.


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