I came out today

And not in the way you think.

Up until now, I haven’t mentioned my API journey to my current employer (my day job) where I am the sole tech writer. I write end-user online help and design UX labelling/messaging, and haven’t written any dev or ‘technical’ docs of any kind in the whole time I’ve been there. This is not a bad thing, it’s just a thing. This is what the organisation needs me to do, and I deliver.

Long story short, but I got an amazing email from our CEO (to whom I also report directly). He was giving me feedback about an email I had sent him about looking for ways to shrink back our online help (thanks to our apps becoming more intuitive) and deploying my skills to other areas of the business.

He responded by thanking me for always being future-focussed, and telling me about some fantastic projects that will soon require my services. He also mentioned the need to document our APIs…

So, I casually mentioned that he must have found jodywinter.com and discovered my ‘side hustle’. I was planning to have that conversation early next year once I felt more confident in my abilities around dev docs, but I’m fine with sowing that seed now.

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