2021 was a great year

For me, professionally, 2021 was actually a great year.

I know this statement comes from a place of privilege. Many people in my community, my country, and around the world have faced challenges brought about by the pandemic. I’ve had a stable job and income throughout, the freedom to work from home, and no small children running around or bored teenagers to entertain.

I have called 2021 New Zealand’s 2020. While most other countries suffered through endless lockdowns, last year we had only four weeks of strict lockdown followed by 14 months of relative normality. This year saw all of New Zealand in strict lockdown for several weeks, with Auckland (where I live) and parts of the Northland and Waikato regions in lockdown for almost four months.

2021 was a breakthrough year for me. From April to August I documented my first API. Luck (I discovered the contract entirely by accident) combined with a generous and trusting client gave me the freedom both to learn and deliver something useful. In November, I answered a call for help and started contributing to the docToolchain open source project, offering my tech writing and content management skills in exchange for practice with pull requests, markdown and GitHub. And in December, I got an approach from Redocly, asking if I would like to freelance for them and use the experience to hone my docs-as-code and related skills.

I feel very lucky. I feel a part of a wider community. And I’m so proud of myself for putting myself out there and continuing to develop my skills.

My day job at Affinity also went through a few changes which I’m still processing. Not necessarily bad, just heading in a direction that I didn’t expect. I’ll keep you posted as I form some more structured thoughts around all of that.

So, I end this year feeling positive and optimistic about what 2022 will bring. I know that with hard work and dedication, I will get closer to my goal of becoming a sought-after tech writer who can manage all manner of developer docs, from APIs to dev docs portals and everything in between.

See you next year.

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