DevPortal Awards 2021

Since 2018, Pronovix has hosted the annual DevPortal Awards which recognise excellence in documentation portals for developer and API docs.

I am all heart eyes over Mercedes-Benz’s portal, so they’ll get my vote this year. The ease of use, friendly language and utter beauty of this portal is an inspiration. This is what I will aspire to once I finally start building my own portals.

Developer docs have come a long way since software developers first started slapping up fragmented bits of documentation online in a desperate attempt to record and share knowledge. In the API space, you can’t have an API without docs because the docs are the way into the API. So, dev docs portals should be considered essential to any technology organisation that wants to be taken seriously (and wants customers to both see the value in and consume their APIs).

Go here to view this year’s nominees, and go here to vote.

Shout out to Tom Johnson of the excellent for the heads-up about the Wappalyzer Chrome extension which lets you see which technologies your favourite sites use, including static site generators and other docs-as-code tools.

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