Great week

Feeling pretty special this week.

My interview with TechCommNZ got published and it’s gotten a lot of nice, positive feedback. One of the key messages I’m getting is that despite not fully understanding everything I discuss, people get a sense of what I do professionally, and appreciate the scope and reach of the projects I’m involved in.

In freelancing news, I had some productive meetings with Adam at Redocly, and reps from two prospective clients. For the latter, I did some writing samples and have more meetings next week to firm things up, so fingers crossed I can provide services to them in a way that suits us all.

Adam and I had a good honest chat about how to best utilise my time, since my work on product docs has stalled somewhat due to a number of reasons. It was nice to talk about what the company needs, and how I might not be the best fit going forward.

We ended up coming up with a new idea: blog articles. Since I’ve recently started doing this for my main employer, I said “sure, why not!”. Adam was very flexible, and left it up to me to come up with topics. I’m really excited about this, and grateful to retain my relationship with the company.

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