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I’ve written a lot of documentation in my time, and not all of it is shown here. But hopefully what is here will give you some idea of what I can do.

Published Blog Articles

A tech writer’s guide to the Redocly galaxy (part 1)

A tech writer’s guide to the Redocly galaxy (part 2)

A tech writer’s guide to the Redocly galaxy (part 3)

5 things keeping your payroll team awake at night

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In a changing world, having a payroll strategy pays

Website Copy


An on-going project for my current employer, Affinity Employer Services. I work with an external digital marketing specialist and SMEs from the business to shape the website copy to be concise, meaningful and on-brand while incorporating the necessary SEO keywords.

End-User Online Help


Freelancing project, From August 2021, ongoing as required. I’m providing editing services to Portainer as they migrate their docs to GitBooks and expand the content. Take a look here.


A core part of my role at Affinity Employer Services is to write and maintain online help provided to the users of our software. We have two types of product: core Affinity payroll (written in Delphi) and employee self-service (web apps). Only users who have access to our apps can open and browse the help.


The Not-Boring Tech Writer Podcast, July 2019

Jacob Moses, then host of The Not-Boring Tech Writer podcast asked me to talk about embracing the long game of technical communication and how staying flexible and open to change is key. Listen to the interview here.

TechCommNZ Featured Technical Writer, July 2022

I was honoured to be TechCommNZ’s featured tech writer, showcasing my work and goals. Read the interview here.

Affinity Employer Services Webinar, May 2023

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